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Every project, big or small, has a tool that goes with it.  With the right tool, completing any job can be a breeze.  At Aztec Pawn, we have all types of tools that can help you complete any job.  Not only do we sell tools, but Aztec Pawn is always looking to add to our tool collection.  Stop be either location with your tools and we'll provide a cash option for a pawn, loan, or purchase.


Computers & Laptops

Computers or Laptops? Mac or Windows? At Aztec Pawn, we have a laptop or a computer that will work great for you.  All of our laptops and computers are tested by a A+ certified technician.  Are you looking to sell a laptop or computer instead?  Stop in today and we can offer you a fair price whether you want to sell or pawn.

Computers & Laptops

TVs & Electronics

Do you want the latest TVs, Blu-Ray players, or iPad, but don't want to pay the high prices at the "big box" stores?  Aztec Pawn is always buying and selling new televisions, iPads, speakers, car stereos, and other electronics equipment.

Televisions & Electronics

Guns & Ammo

Aztec Pawn and Gold has a huge selection of new and used  firearms, self-defense equipment, and other types weapons in stock at both locations in our secure gun rooms. We are a licensed FFL dealer and we buy, sell, trade, and loan on most firearms, black powder guns,muzzle loaders, and antique firearms.

Guns, Rifles, & Ammo


Aztec Pawn & Gold has a large selection of jewelry and designer watches in stock. We have a huge assortment of wedding rings, necklaces, charms, earrings, sparkling diamond engagement rings, vintage jewelry and more.  Something in particular that you are looking for?  Come in to either location to see if we have it!

Rings, Diamonds, and Jewlery

Speciality Items

Is there something special that you are looking for? Aztec Pawn not only buys and sells items from the categories above, but also other specialty and rare items.  We purchase guitars, testing equipment, air conditioners, sports jerseys and memorabilia, and all other items.  Stop by one of our two stores and we will provide a fair offer.

Guitars, Specialty Tools, Car Stereos


West Phoenix


Central Phoenix

Aztec Pawn & Gold
2020 N. 75th Ave Ste 14
Phoenix, AZ 85035
(623) 849-0900

Mon-Sat: 10AM-7PM
Sunday: 10AM-6PM

Aztec Pawn - West Phoenix Location   

Aztec Pawn & Gold
36 E. Baseline Road
Phoenix, AZ 85042
(602) 243-0900

Mon-Sat: 10AM-7PM
Sunday: 10AM-6PM

Aztec Pawn - Central Phoenix Location